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Part Three - How Technology Can Make an Entrepreneur’s Life Easy

Leverage the power of LinkedIn to boost your business

Is it too obvious to start by saying that to really succeed in business you need technology by your side?

It was certainly getting that way a couple of years ago but we were still able to embrace physical communication… then Covid happened.

The resulting lockdowns denied us the opportunity to speak face to face with clients and even family members. The digital world had to step up its game to keep us connected and (for entrepreneurs and business owners) keep our businesses afloat.

And now, much like the end scene in Wall-E, we waddle forth from our homes to the gym, to see friends and family and, of course, to go to work.

The Digital Blessing in Disguise

While we were hibernating away, technology was hard at work improving our digital systems by making our business life more productive. In this series of posts I’m going to take you on a tour of some of these systems and show you how best to use them to supercharge your business into the stratosphere… or at least to make more money and save time.

This week … LinkedIn

LinkedIn has changed

The world’s biggest social media business network was around before the lockdown. But in the absence of face-to-face meetings and sales, LinkedIn experienced a significant boost in people relying on this platform to prospect for, and nurture business relationships.

As a result, many business owners and entrepreneurs, who were feeling the financial pinch, maxed out on their efforts to find new clients. LinkedIn responded to what they probably saw as spam messaging, by removing the previously ‘unlimited’ level of in mail messages that one can send and reduced it to 60 per month (that’s 15 per week, depending upon your subscription type).

If you’re anything like me you may be a tad disgruntled at this move, you may walk around imitating Alan Partridge, repeating the phrase ‘Who do they think they are?’  Though, that might be just me.

What this forced me to do however was to think very carefully about who my clients were and niche. I spent a little time looking at their profiles and was able to personalise my messages far more and as a result my conversion rate actually went up!

LinkedIn also has groups. If you are a member of a specific group then you can send as many messages as you like to other group members. LinkedIn has not yet restricted messaging here so please do take advantage.

    Consider the idea of a business group for a moment:

    As a business owner or entrepreneur you provide a product or a service. You are looking for a particular type of client – Let’s say ‘web developers.’ One quick group search on LinkedIn tells me that there is a Web Developer group with over 52,000 people as members. That’s 52,000 web developers who all congregate in one place – it’s a marketers dream!

    If you have an unmissable giveaway, designed to help web developers and make their life easier, then what could be better than to join that group become a trusted entity, and make some valuable connections?

    No good thing lasts forever.

    Just as unlimited in mail messages was taken for granted, it won’t be long before people start to feel the same way about in group messaging. I wouldn’t be surprised to see LinkedIn start to restrict group messaging in the future. Which brings me on to my next point:

    Get your clients off LinkedIn and onto your own platform.

    To use a dating metaphor – You wouldn’t see an attractive stranger at work, approach them and propose marriage and offer up potential baby names whilst talking about which side of the bed is yours. Aside from the possible involvement of the police for harassment, this person doesn’t know you. They haven’t been given the chance to develop any sort of synergy or trust.

    A business relationship is STILL a relationship. To do business with you they will have to know, like and trust your brand. They need to be confident in both your ability and your motivation behind the help that you provide. Trying to marry someone on the first date reeks of desperation and does nothing to instil in your potential client a desire to part with their hard earned cash.

    Continuing with the dating metaphor. You may exchange a few well-chosen words at work to see what you have in common and even give them a free gift such as a cup of water from the water cooler but if you want to take things further then you may say the immortal words:

      A business relationship is STILL a relationship.
      3 Day Website | How Technology Can Make an Entrepreneur’s Life Easy

      ‘Let’s get married babe!’

      I’m joking. The actual immortal words:

      ‘Do you fancy going for a coffee?’

      You meet up in a coffee shop and get to know each other a bit more and develop your relationship, all the time building trust and connection.

      Turn this into a LinkedIn strategy. You meet someone in a group. Look at their profile, see what you have in common already, and start a conversation. If that goes well, you may want to offer them free advice or a free digital product designed to make their life easier. 

      Provided the relationship thus far is not forced then they will already have a positive opinion of you. You have already helped them with no forced upsell.

      That doesn’t mean you should absent your upsell. Very often if what you have given them for free is of tremendous benefit then they will already be thinking:

      ‘If I’m getting this for free, what must the paid stuff be like?’

        The natural next step is to take your relationship off LinkedIn and onto your own email list.

        Once a client is on your email list, they:

        • Are already prequalified.
        • Are In a business relationship with you.
        • Are interested in seeing what you can do for them.
        • Already trust you.

        As if that wasn’t enough… You no longer have to rely on LinkedIn to facilitate and develop your business relationship. LinkedIn could change their rules and make you pay for every message you send and this wouldn’t affect you at all.

        Thanks for reading this. The next post from 3 day website will look at why 99% of LinkedIn profiles are done wrong and will offer up a free guide to make your profile instantly attractive to your prospective clients.

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